Certain Gardens - David Horvitz


 "This was made last week. It is a quote by Ian Hamilton Finlay, the Scottish poet and gardener. It is 18in x 24in two color screen print (in three color variations) printed in edition of 100 in Los Angeles. The plant shapes were plants from my garden placed directly onto the screen as it was burned (like a photogram… a leafgram… a gardengram…). You can interpret the language as you wish. But I am imagining a garden that is not passive. That presents an alternative to concrete ecological disaster, and can, though maybe futile and symbolic, offer a habitat of some kind of resistance to the surrounding suffocation of soil and streams, where plants and bugs and mushrooms and trees and dirt and the possom and raccoon and crows and butterflies (and that crazy green bug that lives in the compost) and people can mingle make seeds and lay eggs and imagine another future." - David Horvitz

Available in three colourways

David Horvitz, 2022
Two colour screen print poster
608 x 455 mm

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