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Boundless Minds & Moving Bodies in 80's New York - Keith Haring, Muna Tseng & Tseng Kwong Chi

Boundless Minds & Moving Bodies presents an intimate visual journey through the early collaborations between Keith Haring, Muna Tseng and Tseng Kwong Chi. It offers a unique and colourful prism of the three friends in their orbits,expressing themselves through different disciplinary languages: drawing, dance and photography. Their work and interactions reveal a shared performative energy of the joys of experimenting, openness, exchange and social engagement. Together and independently, they were immersed in and contributors to the bustling and vibrant cultural downtown scene. This book features the 1982 collaboration by Keith Haring to create the set for choreographer Muna Tseng drawing a visuals score for her performance piece Epochal Songs. Muna's brother, conceptual photographer Tseng Kwong Chi, was a close friend and collaborator with Keith. Tseng's photographs of Haring's work in the subways, on the streets and during public performances continue to make them accessible to a audiences across the globe. Next to the work of Keith and Muna, the publication introduces Tseng Kwong Chi's own body of seminal work: the famous self-portrait series, East Meets West, while visiting many iconic tourist sites across the world during his travels together with Haring.

Nai010 publishers, 2022
Softcover, 172pp
280 x 200 mm

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