SEX LIFE - Sarah Lucas



The Sarah Lucas SEX LIFE exhibition catalogue features an essay by Deborah Levy with seven high resolution book plates individually pasted in.

Spanning more than twenty-five years of Sarah Lucas’s diverse multimedia practice, which includes sculpture, photography and installation, SEX LIFE presents a unique snapshot into the development of the artist’s career from the perspective of the collector.

Acclaimed novelist Deborah Levy, whose essay accompanies the exhibition publication, writes ‘The title of this exhibition… SEX LIFE, allows the inner life of the viewer full freedom to roam. … Lucas’ gaze on the human body does not please itself with one critique, nor does it hit the side of the face so much as smash into its guts.’

Lucas’s practice interrogates the body in its many guises: its erotic pleasures, repressed desires, and sculptural potential. The exhibition takes us from the artist’s playful experimentations with the self-portrait on brown paper and collage in the early 1990s, furniture works constructed with abject yet glamorous nylon underwear, through to the sinuous environment-reflecting bronzes of the past decade. A master-maker of the ‘readymade’, Lucas envisions the limitations and possibilities of the human form like no other artist working today.

The Perimeter, 2021
300 x 215 mm 

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