MMDC3 - Angie Keefer

MMDC is a series of publications documenting libraries. Initiated by Julie Peeters in 2015, the series allows an artist to enter into a dialogue with a particular library collection. The publication can be seen as a kind of 'printed portrait' of the library where some 40 pages are filled with material straight from the collection. MMDC forms a kind of visual identity, not through a logo, nor by depicting the library itself, but by showing how certain people use the library – as a space, as a collection – by what books they choose to work with as they navigate the shelves, and by what is produced by their unique selections.

MMDC3: Angie Keefer is the third publication in the series. New York and Brussels-based artist Angie Keefer was invited to explore the contents of Kunstenbibliotheek in spring 2022. Her chosen sources reflect her interest in the collective destruction of female iconography, knowledge and authority during the transition from polytheistic to monotheistic cultural dominance, and its ongoing sublimation in contemporary architecture, décor, fashion, costumes, poetry and performance.

Bill/ Kunstenbibliotheek, 2022

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