Signing and Conversation for Memories of an Unknown Island by Véronique Rolland | 26 November, 5-7pm

Please join us on Saturday 26 November, 5-7pm for a signing and conversation with artist Véronique Rolland and writer/ curator Susanna Brown.

We celebrate the launch of Memories of an Unknown Island by Véronique Rolland published by Jane&Jeremy.

Memories of an Unknown Island is a project about a place that does not exist – a utopia created from a collection of photographs from a plethora of locations Rolland has visited. Together they visually and emotionally blend into one and transform into an ideal fictional land. In doing this the boundaries are blurred between the real and the constructed, it is the creation of an island that is not real, made up of previous memories and fleeting moments, it is grounded in the factual but transformed into a fantasy.

Each book in this first edition of 100 includes a signed c-type photographic print, and a poem by Susanna Brown.

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