Owen Hatherley & Justin Beal discuss Sandfuture | Wednesday 1 December, 6-8pm

Please join us for the launch of Sandfuture on Wednesday 1 December, 6-8pm. Author Justin Beal will be in discussion with writer Owen Hatherley about the new book published by MIT Press. 
Sandfuture is a book about the life of the architect Minoru Yamasaki (1912-1986), who remains on the margins of history despite the enormous influence of his work on American architecture and society. That Yamasaki's most famous projects--the Pruitt-Igoe apartments in St. Louis and the original World Trade Center in New York--were both destroyed on national television, thirty years apart, makes his relative obscurity all the more remarkable.

Sandfuture is also a book about an artist interrogating art and architecture's role in culture as New York changes drastically after a decade bracketed by terrorism and natural disaster. From the central thread of Yamasaki's life, Sandfuture spirals outward to include reflections on a wide range of subjects, from the figure of the architect in literature and film and transformations in the contemporary art market to the perils of sick buildings and the broader social and political implications of how, and for whom, cities are built. The result is at once sophisticated in its understanding of material culture and novelistic in its telling of a good story.
View and purchase the book here
Peter Hujar, World Trade Center at Night, 1987 courtesy of The Peter Hujar Archive, Pace Gallery, New York and Fraenkel Gallery, San Fracisco.

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