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John Booth's Drawings of Joyful Men | Wednesday 11 December, 6-8pm

These Joyful Men drink in the same spots, circle the same streets, dance at the same discos. Not all of them are gay, but most are... In John Booth’s Joyful Men, there is the tacit exchange of men approving of one another, the solitary exchange of beautiful, shared freedoms. - Paul Flynn 
Please join us on Wednesday 11 December, 6-8pm  for the launch of Drawings of Joyful Men, the first artist's book by John Booth published by Hato Press. John will be creating a special window installation to celebrate the book, which will be presented together with a new limited edition ceramic bookend which also doubles as vase.  
Drawings of Joyful Men presents a series of John's distinctive drawings and portraits explored through the medium of Risograph printing. Working from the Hato Press studio, each portrait is accompanied by a direct response John created, which pays homage to the various marks and patterns that characterise his work.  

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