Archivist Addendum | Saturday 17 July, 2-5pm

Please join us between 2-5pm on Saturday 17 July for a drink to celebrate the inaugural issue of Archivist Addendum — a fashion publishing project free from the confines of a bound periodical. Inside, Rebecca Arnold writes about the interplay between illustration and photography in interwar issues of American Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar as Richard Haines draws archival fashion on his iPad. Charles Tepperman looks at how amateur home movies have captured and mediated our engagement with dress; Elizabeth Kutesko presents Claude Lévi-Strauss’ candid snapshots of São Paulo c. 1935-7 as a study of a city and its people. Tara Darby captures the archives of the fashion label BLAAK (1998-2012) before they vanish to the Museum of London; Lisa Cohen writes about clothing and loss. Olga Vainshtein’s research presents Little Lord Fauntleroy as an archetypal fashion plate. Roman Kurzmeyer and Judith Clark explore exhibition making and the double meaning of medium. Elisa de Wyngaert muses on a fantasy exhibition. Sofie and Maarten capture the 22-year archive of A.F. Vandevorst. Leanne Shapton presents a series of new paintings that draw on the haphazard aesthetics of selling second-hand clothing online. 

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