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p r e s e n t s

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In 1987 Nicolas Cage had a chance meeting with Patricia Arquette in Canter's Deli, Los Angeles. 
The moon hit his eye like a big pizza pie, it was amore. He proposed on the spot, she told him "you're crazy". 
But he was serious. So he asked her to put him on a quest. At the end of that quest, if he succeeded in bringing her what she asked for, she would have to marry him. 

"When she gave me the list I knew even more that this was the right person for me, because it was so inventive and creative. She wanted a black orchid. She wanted J.D. Sallinger's signature - and everybody who reads knows that he hardly ever signed anything. She wanted a wedding dress from this Lisu tribe in Northern Thailand and of those Bob's Big Boy statues. 
So I set out on my quest". 

Sunday 13th February, 2-4pm 
VIP Valentines Preview 
With Romance & A Specially Commissioned Cake

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