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Work is Hell...Let's Go To War!


A selection of anti-war flyers and posters produced by Arch D. Bunker, an anonymous artists’ collective that mobilized in the early 1990s in response to the First Gulf War. The short-lived group detourned and criticized the distant and calculating language of military officials, arms dealers, politicians, and corporate media pundits. Produced in the first decade of cable news and the 24-hour news cycle, these prints also brought early attention to disinformation and the distorted ways in which most Americans were being shown the conflict, on television: the spectacle of war.

Fugitive Materials is committed to the preservation of radical, lesser-known, and alternative histories, and to the disruption of informational privilege through publishing, bookselling, and archiving. We specialize in the material cultures of resistance: the detritus of radical social movements, histories of labor, counterculture, pedagogy, urbanism, uprisings, and art - with a specific concentration on opposition to the carceral state. We trace the trajectories of materials in flight.

Fugitive Materials, 2022
Softcover on bright paper stocks, 18pp

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