Where the flowers still grow - Bharat Sikka


The state of Kashmir holds a mythic place in the mind of India. Long known as one of the world's most beautiful mountain valleys, since the late 1980s it has become synonymous with a political and sectarian conflict which strikes at the very heart of India's indentity. Bharat Sikka first visitised Kashmir in 2013, on a holiday with his family. While there, he discovered Mirza Waheed's novel The Collaborator, which tells the story of a young Kashmiri man's struggle with his own sense of self, buffeted by the exigencies of history and the present. This propelled Sikka to make numerous visits to Kashmir in 2014 and 2015, travelling throughout the region to photograph the people who live there, to attempt to make some sense of their dilemma through his own personal experience.

Loose Joints, 2017
Hardcover, 120pp
260 x 220 mm 

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