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What the Water Gave Us. Essays and Poetry about Migration by Women and Non-binary Writers.

Sunlight on foam. Air bubbling into syllables. Tongues of fire. Tales of salt, tears and terror...these are just a few of the elements that await you in What the Water Gave Us, an exciting anthology of experimental memoir and personal poetry by women and non-binary writers from migrant backgrounds. Spanning seas and oceans, cities and countries, traversing borders and forging new geographies of feeling, our writers explore what it’s like to be of migrant heritage in a para-pandemic, post-Brexit Britain. The result is a triumphant collage of voices and experiences, languages and formal experiments that plumb the depths of migrant identity and positionality today. In telling us, therefore, of what the water has and hasn’t given them, they ask the reader, what does it give to you?

Takeaway Press, 2023
Softcover, 148pp

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