Wesselmann - Tom Wesselmann

Torino: Gian Enzo Sperone, 1967.
Once again, from Gian Enzo Sperone: a catalogue for Wesselmann's first Italian exhibition (May 1967). Wrappers composed of single cream sheet, folded thrice; with illustrated front cover (19 cm.) printed in fleshy peach tones. Two of the verso panels feature artist biography and exhibition history. Laid-in loose: 5 black-and-white glossy prints reproducing works exhibited in the gallery, with descriptions appearing to versos. Those works being: (1) Bathtub collage n. 3, 1963; (2) Landscape n. 2, 1964; (3) Still life n. 46, 1964; (4) Mouth n. 1, 1966; and (5) Great American nude n. 77, 1966. With single OCLC record discovered (Hague); no copies in SBN.

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