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Water Music - Mieko Shiomi

SHIOMI, Mieko.
Water Music.
Original artist multiple. A small bottle of water (5 x 3.5cm) with b&w printed label. The edition was originally unlimited but is no longer in production. New York: ReFlux Editions, 1991.

An artist multiple by Mieko (Chieko) Shiomi with a Maciunas-designed label.
The label bears the instructions:
“1/ Give the water still form
2/ Let the water lose its still form
-Fluxwater- “
This small water bottle is a late edition to a series of bottled waters with graphic labels produced by Shiomi from 1965 onwards as a compliment to a series of performances under the same title. In her Water Music performances Shiomi picked up water with various tools such as a syringe and tissue paper, and then released it. Her actions were accompanied by the words ‘let the lose its still form’, which she regarded as the performance score. At the same event Shiomi played the record ‘An Invitation to Waltz’ which she had partially covered in dried glue. During the performance Shiomi dropped water onto the record surface to soften the glue, allowing music to be heard as she did so.

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