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Voile / Toile. Toile / Voile. - Daniel Buren


Buren, Daniel. 
Voile / Toile. Toile / Voile.
Berlin, 1975 
24pp. 26 x 19 cm 
English and German text. 

A glossy colour illustrated artist book conceived by Buren to document the first iteration of his performance piece Voile / Toile (Sail / Canvas) in Berlin, which went on to be staged in many locations. The work consisted of a boat regatta orchestrated by the artist in which he invited children to sail boats fitted with sail-canvasses painted white with red, blue, yellow, green or brown stripes. The canvasses were later to be exhibited in a museum in the city where the regatta was held with the canvas-sails presented in the order they crossed the finishing line. A commentary is provided by the artist explaining his intentions with colour diagrams and photography together with an essay by mathematician Bernd Mahr.