VOILA - Miriam Laura Leonardi

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Miriam Laura Leonardi is an artist from Basel, based in Zurich. This is her first self-published artist book. 

The French weekly paper VOILÀ was founded by Gallimard in 1931 and distributed until World War II. Amongst the contributors were writers such as Albert Londres, Joseph Kessel, Georges Simenon, the aviator Mermoz as well as photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson. A selection of articles addressing key events of the past as well as every day matters are reassembled and modified by Leonardi to highlight their ongoing relevancy and reprinted in a new publication. While the orginal layout remains, words or sentences are rearranged to offer a more abstract but direct meaning. The contemporary speed of information is thus questioned through this new format allowing an accelerated reading of the original content.

Published 2015
Softcover, 22 pp, 420 × 290 mm

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