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Vape Shop Olympia - Peter De Potter

VAPE SHOP OLYMPIA is an evocation, a meandering, multi-layered story. It reports back on a perceived reality, signalling different facets of modern culture that have been imprinted in the fabric of life with astonishing speed: the replacement of language by sign language, the pervasiveness of a worldview through the prism of hiphop and social media, the practicality and mechanics of texting, sexting and clickbait activism, the holiness of product, phone and picture. In the midst of all this there’s the individual, the self, presenting himself, questioning himself, positioning himself, producing and replicating himself. Ever defiant, with body and mind synced, he turns what appears mundane spiritual, and brings ritual to what seems impulsive.

Peter De Potter is a Belgian artist who lives and works in Antwerp.

In his work he has developed his own unique method, blending his photography and video with his poetry, slogans, graphics, montage and appropriations into an idiosyncratic visual language that resonates in the fields of art, fashion and contemporary online culture.

His longstanding collaboration with fashion designer Raf Simons (from 2001 to 2010) involved showcasing his artworks on clothing items and brand identity and equally entailed consultancy and assisting on concepts. De Potter designed and art directed Raf Simons’ now cult-status book ‘Redux’ as well as the ‘Repeat’ installation for Pitti Immagine in 2005.

In 2016 De Potter designed two highly publicised album covers for Kanye West’s 8th studio album ‘The Life Of Pablo’.

Peter De Potter’s first book ‘The Vanity of Certain Flowers’ was published in September 2016. His second, ‘All Statues Sing Protest Songs’, was published by IDEA Books in September 2017. 

Claire de Rouen Books, 2018
Limited edition of 500 copies, softcover, 224 pages, 26 x 21 cm

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