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On the TYPP of the tongue


TYPP is the journal for artistic research of St Lucas School of Arts in Antwerp. It brings together artistic research practices, without any hierarchy or a predefined format. It seeks to offer a forum for the field of artistic research, which is averse to categories and continuously reinvents and reorients itself. The editorial board is responsible for the composition of each periodical.

This special issue of TYPP was developed within the 2019-20 ShareResearch module of the Advanced Master of Research in Art and Design, and includes contributions from the 12 participants in the programme in partnership with their friends, collaborators, aunts and mothers, heroines, peers, ghosts, machine, sunlight, non-human animals and adversaries, among others. 

On the TYPP of the tongue presents conversations as a form of exchange, as a relational mode of research, as a collective possibility of knowledge-making, of learning, of listening and of thinking processes made public. Within this publication, we consider conversation as an expanded field of possibilities that includes interviews, more informal or unstructured exchanges in voice, image or text, intimate moments of connection, and acts of appropriation, mimicry, time travel and translation. 

St Lucas School of Arts, 2020
Softcover, 112pp 
290 x 230 mm 

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