The Slow Grind: Practicing Hope and Imagination


The Slow Grind: Practicing Hope and Imagination, follows the thread of dreaming, worldmapping and future-thinking that The Slow Grind: Finding Our Way Back to Creative Balance ,the inaugural book published in 2020, spearheaded.

This time, we engage in the project of relearning the importance of hope and imagination. Presenting visions that assert these as principles that require the re-enchanting of our minds and the lighting of a kinetic force within our molecular bodies. This book focuses on radical ecology, the power of art as a memory keeper, and the poetics of creativity as a necessary antidote to the fear and anxiety we are all feeling in the face of multiple crises.

Key to this is a belief that holding hope for our ecology starts with holding hope for ourselves and one another. Filled with the insight of more than 20 thinkers, activists and futurists spanning the globe , the perspectives held within the architecture of this book are concerned with encouraging the development of a planetary consciousness that is informed by hopeful criticality and urgency.

Edited by Georgina Johnson

Foreword by Curator Francesca Gavin

adrienne maree brown
Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg
Alfonso Cesanz
Amirah Mitchell
Bel Jacobs
Claire Ratinon
Emii Alrai
Fariha Róisín
Jasleen Kaur
Kalpana Arias
Lucia Pietroiusti
Kostas Stasinopoulos
Martha Dillon
Martin Raymond
Moza Almatrooshi
Renuka Ramanujam
Samaneh Moafi
Simon Whitehouse
Sophia Li
Willow Defebaugh
Zeba Blay

Assistant Editors:
Lorén Elhili
Celeste Hay

Softcover, 205pp

220 x 155mm


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