The Skirt Chronicles Volume II

Somehow it’s very confusing. How what is commonly referred as French style became a branded matter? How did an entire demographic become supposedly the bearer of a natural je ne sais quoi whatever you say? When did we shift to an army of wannabe bloggers and why would they wannabe influencers posting non stop pictures of Brigitte Bardot and Jane Birkin on social media? And when did so many women find advise to give on how to look, eat, and act French? It’s confusing because the main reason French style is worshiped seems to be because it’s effortless. But let’s reveal the supercherie once and for all; it does take a lot of effort! French women are not born with the “authenticity” Simone de Beauvoir saw in Brigitte Bardot in her essay “The Lolita Syndrome” first published in August 1959 in Esquire. A myth was born with this concept of effortlessness when really it takes a lot to look natural without evoking the smell of one of our smelliest cheeses.

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