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The Simple Heart of Plywood, An Introduction to Gerald Summers and Makers of Simple Furniture - Abel Sloane and Ruby Woodhouse


A publication selecting pieces designed by British furniture maker Gerald Summers. His small workshop, based in West London, Makers of Simple Furniture operated for less than 10 years from 1931 up until the outbreak of WWII. The company went bankrupt as the import of Estonian birch plywood became restricted.

Makers of Simple Furniture‘s work was based on the sole potential of plywood, and their catalogue of furniture ranged from hand-cut dove-tail jointed, flat sheet rectangular cabinets to almost-free formed armchairs using a single piece of plywood; small desk tidies to full scale interior projects.

Summers is a name that is not totally unheard, but whose work is scarcely seen. 

Abel Sloane and Ruby Woodhouse (reprint 2019) 

Softcover, 40 pp.
180 × 265 mm

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