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The Philosopher's Tarot - Sereptie

The Philosopher’s Tarot is an exciting mashup of the classic Rider-Waite tarot deck with a host of eminent philosophers, famous intellectuals, and revolutionary figures. This deck combines the mystery of the original cards with the ideas of renowned thinkers to create a materialist alchemy.

Let your love of fate extend beyond the tarot’s mysticism and discover the amor fati of Friedrich Nietzsche or the meaning of ‘acid communism’! The Philosopher’s Tarot is chance’s tryst with reason, one that invites you to join the illicit dance of philosophy’s conceptual creativity with tarot’s path of intuition. Read your spreads in the traditional manner, or delve deeply into the rich philosophical implications that appear in every draw. With added flair and vibrance, the deck comprises a makeover of the twenty-two major arcana with some of history’s most provocative theorists. The minor arcana presents additional figures and themes to initiate curious minds into their own apprenticeship in philosophy. The Philosopher’s Tarot is yours to invoke stimulating questions about the nature of reality, the machinations of our world, and the limits of our minds and bodies.

The Philosopher’s Tarot features new renditions of the traditional 78 Rider-Waite styled tarot cards and includes an apprentice’s manual which introduces ideas and themes featured in the deck.

Repeater Books, 2022

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