The Persimmon's Fruit - Nat Urazmetova


The Persimmon's Fruit is a photographic essay by Nat Urazmetova. Depicting the author’s journey to Japan, it seeks new sensibilities and subtle connections that unfold when imagery and poetry come together in book format.

The Persimmon’s Fruit is an assemblage of the subjective observations about the essence of Japanese culture, together creating a poetic story that enfolds both the stillness of a photographic image and the transitory, time-warping nature of cinema.

Rather than attempt to arrive at something descriptive and concrete, the book instead trails an elusive atmosphere, accentuating the beauty in imperfections and incompleteness through light and shadow, contours and fragments, whispers and feelings.

Published by Cygnet, 2016
Hardcover, 120pp
165 x 232mm

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