The Fall - Vakho Khetaguri


The Fall(2013-2016)
Tbilisi is an ordinary city. Most of the people here work from morning to night, so when they have free time, they try to spend it with their friends and family. That's why it is quite hard to get to know the real life of this city. But there is one place in Tbilisi that one can find in any other modern city. Where the life comes out and the pulse of the city is most well-felt.Station Square, where I shot this series, occupies little space in the heart of the city. There is a central market and a railway station here, which is why this place is always crowded. You will meet all kinds of people here: a worker, a thief, a merchant, a businessman, a professor, prostitutes … People gather here not only from the whole city but from the whole country. This series I shot in 2013-2016 does not claim to fully represent reality. It is just an attempt to transfer the aura of this place on photographic paper.

Self-published, 2024 
Edition of 100 copies
200 x 120mm  

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