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JON SAVAGE: In a way, it’s an ‘anti-success handbook’ - the direct opposite of all those self-improvement books. Is that deliberate?

SCOTT KING: Someone else suggested that it could have been called How To Be A Loser In The Art World, which I thought was funny, and there is an element of that, but it’s broader than that too.

I didn’t set out to write it as an ‘anti-self-help’ book. Quite the opposite, really. I wrote it as ‘my truth’, I didn’t edit it, I just let it pour out… the manifesto, ultimately, is about embracing ‘failure’, looking for the excitement and potential within that – you know – rather than being in a state of constant frustration/fury/misery because you do not have what it is you think you want; it is about embracing what you do have, even if that seems like shit.

Extract from Interview magazine.


International General, 2021
Printed in an edition of 300
Design by Scott King and Richard Massey.
Offset litho printed
Softcover, 48pp
B&w with two colour 400gsm gloss cover 
297 x 210 mm 

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