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Tenant of Culture - Charles Asprey & Antonia Marsh ed.

By disassembling and rebuilding manufactured garments,
Tenant of Culture examines where ideological, political, or cultural
perspectives materialise in the various stages of the production and
marketing of apparel. Using deconstruction as a method to gain insight
into industrial processes, Tenant of Culture seeks materials sourced
from various stages of the garment production cycle that relate to
recent trends in fashion and their socio-political histories.
Taking clothing, shoes and accessories apart to reveal their
seams, stains and wear similarly enables the artist to mine material for
design decisions that uncover traces of the individual responsible for
its assembly and interrogate the ambiguous ethics of production. The
highly formalised division of labour in the production of apparel is
structurally embedded in mass-produced garments. Tenant of Culture
incorporates these materials into sculptural assemblages utilising
a reconstructive process combined with materials more readily
associated with durability. Considering the lifespan of these sculptural
components enables the artist to question the commercial strategy of
material obsolescence that enforces capitalist overproduction. These
works examine the strategic codification of visual languages and
techniques in luxury commodity production that obscure or expose
dynamics of power, domination and assertion of class via a constant
re-/de-valuation of goods.

Text by Jeppe Ugelvig
Interview by 650mAh
Design & Art Direction by Studio Ard
Soft Opening, 2020
Edition of 400
Softcover, 96pp
300 x 235 mm

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