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Can hypnosis be used to induce a tendency towards peace? Towards receptiveness and honest self-reflection?

Can people be brainwashed out of prejudice?

Can EMDR therapy be performed covertly but broadly, to cure the public of its collective PTSD?

Can the spiral signal or aid in this benevolent induction?

Does its direction matter?

When you follow its path, do you begin on the inside or the outside?

Tauba Auerbach creates art about language and logic through painting, drawing, photography, sculpture and instrument building. Her elegant, often mathematical compositions deconstruct the conventional ways visual and perceptual information is conveyed. In her paintings, Auerbach confronts the division between the discrete states of flatness and three-dimensionality, gesturing towards a theoretical escape from the latter. Auerbach's training as a traditional sign painter cultivated her love for words and letters; her text-based work is equally focused on the internal mechanics of language and its formal elements.

A bandana by artist Tauba Auerbach
22 x 22 inches
Made in Los Angeles, CA
Published by The Thing Quarterly

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