Spiritus - Honey-Suckle Company


Honey-Suckle Company is an artist group of 5 - 12 members who have lived in Berlin since 1994. It has worked on various installations with all kind of materials and technical forms, mostly between 1995 and 2007 in self-organised happenings as well as international institutions. Each of HSC's members is specialised in a different artistic domain, the concepts are resolved in cooperation with each other and ideas converge into a singular output, resulting in refusal of individual authorship. Spiritus carries photos and documentation of the rarely seen post-Wende subcultural scene and its haunts, which no longer exist after gentrification turned Berlin-Mitte around.  Alongside the archival material are texts by Abel Auer, Philipp Ekardt, Lina Launhardt, Michael Hiltbrunner, Reimo Herfort/Franz Schütte (Jeans Team), Tim Voss and Lily Wittenburg.

Published by Bierke, 2016
210 x 285 mm 

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