Social Medium: Artists Writing, 2000–2015 - Jennifer Liese ed.


Social Medium: Artists Writing, 2000–2015 is the first major anthology of 21st-century artist writing, including seventy-five groundbreaking texts by artist-writers from around the world.

Since the turn of the millennium, artists have been writing, and circulating their writing, like never before. The works gathered here—essays, criticism, manifestos, fiction, diaries, scripts, blog posts, even tweets—chart a complex era in the art world and the world at large, weighing in on the exigencies of our times in unexpected and inventive ways. Editor Jennifer Liese (director of the Writing Center at Rhode Island School of Design, former managing editor of Artforum) provides an introduction and a clear structure for understanding the contributions of key figures such as Jimmie Durham, Hito Steyerl, Mike Kelley, Adam Pendleton, Ai Weiwei, Raqs Media Collective, Frances Stark, and Tania Bruguera.

Paper Monument, 2016
Softcover, 544pp
215 x 160 mm  

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