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Since I First Met You - Yuri Hasegawa


The first book by Yuri Hasegawa presents 178 of her rag doll works. Through her homely needlework, she turns the beloved characters and legends whom we may or may not know into lovely dolls: heroes and characters from TV series, movies or books; legendary painters and their works; film directors, musicians, professional athletes and works of contemporary art. 

The awkward yet adorable dolls are unforgettable, catching everyone's heart with their humorous and bitter-sweet appearances. The characters that became these dolls can be major to someone yet minor to others; it would be fun to ask your friends and family members if they know ones you don't. And if you realise the doll is actually that of a character you knew as a kid, that realisation will be a very special one. It is an ideal book to have next to you, on the coffee table or at the bedside. 

Softcover, 160pp
182 x 123 mm

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