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SHANGHAI - Aleksandra Mir

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MIR, Aleksandra.
Original artist multiple. Set of x25 full colour postcards [110 x 152mm per card]. [Shanghai/ London]: Aleksandra Mir, 2018.
New/ fine.

SHANGHAI is part of an ongoing artwork by Aleksandra Mir entitled 'All places contain all others'. Here the work was recreated on the occasion of the exhibition 'The Artist is Present' at the YUZ Museum 2018 curated by Maurizio Cattelan.

Mir sourced images of watery landscapes from around the world from a commercial image bank. These images were then transformed into postcards, with typography to suit, and given away for free during the exhibition.

Mir says of the project: 'The public completes the work like pollinating bees, spreading them by every means of transport and around the world. The notion of Shanghai makes itself known, both as a local place with solid traditions and as a conglomerate of foreign influence that keeps it in constant state of transformation. Politics as pollution rather than border control.'

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