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Seascapes - Paul Rousteau

French artist Paul Rousteau is known for his alchemic light and colour-bending approach to photography. Seascapes is a series made by Rousteau while artist-in-residence on a boat off the Coral Sea, in Australia. Inspired by the unending horizons around him, Rousteau retreated to the darkroom to invent mental topographies of his own, reducing the landscape down to the barest constituent elements – water, air and light. Often saturated, interrupted or out of focus, his photographs are series of playful experiments navigating between figuration and abstraction, painting and digital art.

These constructed landscapes invite us to consider the point where human imagination interacts with the landscape - how fantasies of distance, displacement and faraway places are projected onto the horizon. Existing somewhere between vision, imagination and a surreal, submerged reality, Rousteau extends this fiction through globetrotting captions and an innovative design that invites readers to rip away and reappropriate the seascapes as their own.

Loose Joints, 2021
Softcover, 128pp
240 x 160 mm

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