revisions: Vol. 1


The first printed volume of revisions, an experimental media initiative of the Public Discourse program at re:arc institute, entwines knowledge systems, perspectives, and values that make up the speculative framework for architectures of planetary well-being. With the intent to explore the relational connections between our social and ecological systems, as well as to commune across and beyond disciplinary boundaries, we invite individuals from a diverse array of practices and geographies to contemplate entries into a concept of planetary; the meaning, measures, and markers of well-being; the expansiveness of architecture(s) as a theoretical scaffolding; and the urgency of plurality when listening and learning through emergent discourse. 

Themes addressed include ecological memory, cyclical time, art and science as overlapping pedagogies, co-creative rupture, and imagination and wonder as models of address among others. This first volume joins visual and language-based artists, scholars, designers, journalists, poets, architects, and urbanists from five continents including esteemed minds such as Katherine McKittrick, Sumayya Vally, Yasmeen Lari, Grace L. Dillon, Nadia Huggins Mpho Matsipa, Alice Yuan Zhang and others. This print edition is designed by Åbäke and printed with Algae Press™, an algae-centred printing process located in and around the Venice Lagoon.

re:arc institute, 2024 

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