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Publishing as Method. Ways of Working Together in Asia. - Lim Kyung Yong and Helen Jungyeon Ku ed.


This book explores art publishing today, in particular, the practices of small-scale publishing in Asia. Focusing on “Asia” and “small-scale publishing,” it attempts to contextualize and read together the increasingly important publishing practices in contemporary art within historical and regional contexts. The book features a diverse range of interviews and essays contributed by various actors and entities in the field, such as publishers, artists, curators, collectives, distribution spaces, and designers. Especially, the interviews conducted since 2020 shed light on the complexities and possibilities of artistic practices in the post-pandemic era. Publishing as Method is a research project on Asian small-scale publishing that mediabus, a publishing collective based in Seoul, has been conducting since 2020. It has been realized as an exhibition (October 30–December 20, 2020, Art Sonje Center), publication, and documentary film.

mediabus, 2023
Softcover, 446pp
210 x 150mm

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