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Pochibukuro Set


Pochibukuro Set. 
An original pochibukuro set printed in colour woodblock print. Colour printed wrapper [11 x 7cm] containing x5 small pochibukuro envelopes [9 x 5cm each] individually printed with colourful designs.  [N.p], [c. 1900]. 

'Pochibukuro' is a small paper bag or envelope used in Japan for politely giving tips, wrapping presents or gifting money to children at New Year. Pochibukuro designs represent an important part of Japanese printing culture that began in Meiji era Japan (1868-) and were originally printed with woodblocks. Pochibukuro are collectable and printed with classical motifs such as kabuki characters or natural scenes. 

The motifs on this charming set of envelopes relate to the classical music tradition of 'Ongyoku'. This bright set of prints would have been produced in early 1900s and relate to the lyrics of Ongyoku. 

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