Pig - Feng Li

Note Note Éditions presents Note Note Collection, a singular editorial project created in collaboration with journalist Sophie Pinet. Note Note Collection positioned between fanzine and book presents in images the recurring “obsessions” that inform the work of contemporary photographers.

With each issue, a photographer is invited to use these pages as a forum for exploring a favorite theme or feature a person or thing that is meaningful for him or her, in a way that is funny and absurd or weighty and serious. Pig, shows another, more intimate and sensitive aspect of Feng Li’s work. The photographer has agreed to share images of his expanded family which at one time included three cats, a parrot and, obviously, a pig with whom he developed a close relationship. After rescuing the pig from certain death when it was abandoned by a previous owner, the photographer and his wife decided to adopt it.

Pig is an invitation to share their daily life through Feng Li’s eyes, and the view is tender and caustic in equal measure. In a 2017 interview with web magazine DoorZine, Feng Li dismissed suggestions that he considered the animals he lived with to be pets, insisting that it was he who was their pet, and a rather spoiled one at that, who truly appreciated the time they spent together. Asked in a November 19, 2020, interview with Marguo Gallery if he had a favorite model to work with, he said: No, I just capture the moments of life. But if I had to say a favorite model, it would have to be my pig. This is the pig I picked.

Note Note Éditions, 2023
Softcover, 48 pp
255 × 210 mm

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