Pier Pasolini. Everything is Sacred. The Political Body.


Published in conjunction with shows at three locations in Rome that mark the 100th anniversary of Pier Paolo Pasolini’s birth.

This volume is one of three companion catalogues to an exhibition taking place simultaneously at three venues in Rome on the large-scale projects of Pier Paolo Pasolini. They explore a theme dear to Pasolini — sacredness — with a multidisciplinary approach that will shed a light on his main characteristics as a poet, writer, director, and artist and on the cultural influence he wielded. This is the catalogue for the exhibition at Fondazione MAXXI, which explores the many facets of Pasolini’s political engagement. Texts, images, movies, notes, and documents will narrate the beginning of a protest that has endured to this day, with interpretations of Pasolini’s work is seen through the voices of contemporary artists.

An essay by Anne Violaine Houcke analyses Pasolini’s final period, while Ara Merjan’s text explores his aesthetics. Marco Belpoliti explores the 1975 timeline, giving special attention to the political events most closely connected to Pasolini.

Incudes contributions by Eleonora Cardinale, Roberto Chiesi, Silvia De Laude, Fabio Francione, Giuseppe Garrera, and Vincenzo Trione.

Text in English and Italian.

5 Continents Editions, 2023
Softcover, 224pp
240 x 170 mm

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