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Photographics - Hervé Guibert

Japanese photobook (20 x 14cm). B&w photographic plates in leather bound boards with illustrated slipcase and obi. [Tokyo?]: Atelier Peyotl, 1994.

Scarce elegant Japanese edition photobook of Herve Guibert's stunning portraiture and still life photographs from a period spanning 1976 to 1990. A Japanese edition for the series 'Photographies' published by Editions Gallimard, Paris in 1993.

Guibert commented on the series presented in the Gallimard edition:
"I will always defend myself from being a photographer: this attraction scares me, it seems to me that it can quickly turn to madness, because everything is photographable, everything is interesting to photograph, and for a day in a lifetime could cut out thousands of moments, thousands of small surfaces, and if we start why stop? The photo that someone other than me could take, which does not depend on the particular relationship I have with such and such, I do not want to take it. I like in the work the moment when it imperceptibly takes off towards fiction after gaining momentum on the trail of veracity."

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