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Passing Pari-Daiza: Enclosure as Voyage - Alia Hamaoui

Exploring how spatial confinement creates room for spiritual and psychological journeying, passing pari-baiza unpicks Alia Hamaoui's hybrid visual language to juxtapose two distinct arenas; the car voyage and the Islamic paradise garden. Through visual research, archival documents and AI generated imagery, the publication maps these enclosures to consider their shared state of limbo and perceived limitlessness.

Contributing texts from Aga Khan Professor Nasser Rabbat and reinterpretations of John Urry's writings on weightless travel offer a sociological, historical and architectural perspective, underpinned by an expanded rumination of Hamaoui's practice from curator Róisín Tapponi.

Foolscap Editions, 2023
Softcover, 144pp
240 x 160mm

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