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P!DF Portable Document file - Prem Krishnamurthy

P!DF Portable Document file - Prem Krishnamurthy


P!DF proposes new ways of looking at contemporary art, graphic design, and curating, whether you're an exhibition maker, educator, would-be cultural distributor, or just love potentially pretentious presentational processes performed in public. 

Purchase P!DF for a candid look at Prem's projects with artists, museums, and architects in a genre-defying and open-ended format. P!DF allows users to choose among many different paths and outcomes, which shift in response to timely events. P!DF makes a modest proposal: that curating, design, and art education have the power to change the world one page at a time. 

Prem Krishnamurthy is an exhibition maker whose work incorporates curating, design, writing and teaching. He founded and direct the experimental institutions P! in New York and K, -a "workshop for exhibition making" in Berlin, with KW Institute for Contemporary Art. 


Portable Document Format File for macOS and Windows

P!DF is published by O-R-G, a small software company