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Open eyes Open heart - Margherita Sabbioneda


In this book you’ll find a few techniques that I believe could help you, dear designer, to question and expand your sense of taste. 
Forget rules and habits, loosen up your ego, appreciate new things, be spontaneous and open your little six-column-grid heart. 
Why shake up your established, insta-popular 'good taste'? Because, if you haven’t noticed, everything looks the BLOODY SAME. 
And not only this is boring and sad, it also sucks at a deep societal level, because our brain imitates images (WE BECOME WHAT WE SEE) and because people identify in different aesthetics, so if everything is the same it accounts for one type of viewer only. It’s a sneaky mechanism of control that makes us easy to manage; it erases the different, engenders division and unifies us in mediocrity. Find out more in this manual, which is YOURS so you should do what you wish with it. 
It will attempt to open your eyes and heart and give you space to try out my techniques. 
It’s not a precious object, so don’t feel precious with it: scribble it, dismantle it, intervene in the discourse, and don’t forget to question it all.

Margherita Sabbioneda & Sold Out Publishing, 2020
Softcover, 55pp
220 x 115 mm 

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