November 17th - Charley Dean Sayers


November 17th serves as an unfiltered retelling of gender dysphoria and euphoria. I am appeasing personal medical trauma through self-portraiture; challenging the social context of portraying the nude trans body in the current age. I am actively curating a world of stylised trauma, thrusting open discourse pertaining to a controversial topic such as gender confirmation surgery and rather than allowing my
work to encompass a distilled form of self-defined transness based on the fear of regressing my entire community, I choose to ignore pre-defined rules set upon trans people. I choose to be nude; I choose to show graphic imagery and play with self-inflicted voyeurism simply because I want to, and it fulfils a cathartic need within myself to live without shame. Rarely can trans women have what they desire when they desire it, and my book is proving this wrong. - Charley Dean Sayers 

Self-published, 2023 
248 x 175mm 

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