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NOTEBOOK: Issue 5.


Notebook is a publication dedicated to cinema art and culture, created as an extension of indie cinema streaming platform, MUBI.

We believe in your talent and ability to do cinematic things! Have you ever dreamed of being able to draw cartoons? Or wondered how movie blood is made? Or whether film can be made in more sustainable ways? Issue 5 is devoted to making and doing, and expanding your creative capabilities, whether that means learning from a silent-comedy legend how to fall flat on your face (and not get hurt), discovering what it takes to reimagine an old movie theater, or reading about the stars who stuck to their principles and boldly quit show business. Inside, you can find tips on starting a new kind of cinema space and come to better understand what it means to watch a revolution unfold on big and small screens. “How to…” is the theme for part of the issue—including guidance, advice, instructions, and DIY methods—and, fittingly, the Issue’s front and back covers are designed by John Wilson, the creator of How To with John Wilson. Also in the Issue is an expansive essay by Genevieve Yue exploring the intersection of racism, regional history, and Hollywood movie-making in the California foothills, and new contributions by Tacita Dean and Sergei Loznitsa in our ongoing “Things a Filmmaker Should Know” series. In addition, there are never-before-seen drawings by Max Douy from Alejandro Jodorowsky’s legendary but ill-fated adaptation of Dune, and a special, detachable artwork by Rosa Barba.

Softcover, 136pp 

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