No Joke - Sanya Kantarovsky


Sanya Kantarovsky’s first monograph, published by Studio Voltaire and Koenig Books. Produced as an extension to his 2015 Studio Voltaire exhibition Apricot Juice, this publication brings together a large selection of works from Kantarovsky’s diverse practice, offering an extensive overview of the past six years.

NO JOKE has emerged from of a collaborative process between Kantarovsky and designer Stuart Bertolotti-Bailey. The resulting publication is akin to an illustrated novel or picture book where texts run concurrent with images, creating deliberate and accidental relationships between words and images.

This relationship between the literary and the visual also echoes Kantarovsky’s exhibition at Studio Voltaire, the starting point for this monograph, where each painting was paired with a paragraph from Mikhail Bulgakov’s seminal novel The Master and Margarita.

This monograph includes contributions from Eli Diner, Allison Katz and Angie Keefer. NO JOKE is designed and edited by Stuart Bertolotti-Bailey, Liverpool.

Published by Koenig Books and Studio Voltaire, 2016
Hardcover, 196 pp (78 images in full colour reproduction)
230 x 300 mm 

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