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Ninja Peanut Issues 1-5 - Jake Tilson

Ninja Peanut Issues 1-5 - Jake Tilson

Away from loved ones I've had a compulsion to make them individual magazines or comics.So finding myself separated from our daughter during lockdown in Spring 2020 I made her a mini-comic series, she's 24!
It features our cat, Ninja Peanut, and a shared love of Japan.

THIS COMIC IS MADE FOR HANNAH with lots of love, DAD (Jake Tilson) xxxx.
Principal Cat Photography by MUM (Jennifer,Jeff, Lee)

Typeface:Handywrite, by Hannah Tilson, aged about 9.

TAKO - Octopus
GOMI HAKO - garbage can
Apologies to Japanese readers as the translator used was Mssrs GoogleTranslate & Co.

The NHS and Key Worker posters were printed in April by Zone Graphics in Kent.
They usually print all of the Oxford Food Symposium menu cards every year so I wanted to give them a small job - better than nothing! Support your printers!

- Jake Tilson

Atlas Comics, 2020
All issues
282 x 191 mm

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