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Nightswimming - Discotheques from the 1960's to the Present


This is a history of discotheques, told in a subjective, partial way, but always with a clear purpose in mind: the analysis of space. The history of dance clubs is undoubtedly an anthropological as well as architectural phenomenon. The cultural and economic evolution of society progressively transformed the idea of entertainment, and consequently the spaces in which it is formed and
shaped. These places have been gradually adjusted to new requests and new fashions, modified and updated, until reaching the contemporary paradox: nowadays discotheques are hardly ever spaces designed by architects; they are rather temporary occupations of spaces dedicated to other functions. From the 1960s until today, through the photographs of Giovanna Silva, a selection of interviews and a collection of critical texts, Nightswimming takes you into the fascinating world of the night.

A project by Chiara Carpenter & Giovanna Silva. Photographs by Giovanna Silva. Essays by Max Dax, Pol Esteve and Ippolito Pestellini Laparelli.

Bedford Press, 2015 
Hardcover, 192pp
300 x 230 mm 

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