Neru Phuyt Issue 1


The theme of the first issue centers on the magazine’s name, Neru Phuyt, meaning Shepherd of the Royal Anus in ancient Egyptian. A title held by the Pharaoh’s court physician who exclusively dealt with all enema related matters. The space between the pages becomes a place where the savage and the civilized meet. A form of ‘antimony’ for makers who are occupied with salvaging, recycling and regurgitating image and narrative, preferring to adopt the effects of faith and imagination in place of reality.

Caroline Achaintre
Aaron Angel 
Angus Braithwaite 
Laura Bygrave 
Andrew Clwyd 
Beth Collar 
Patrick Coyle 
Alex Crocker 
Grant Foster 
Sara Gillies 
David Harrison 
Kate Hawkin 
Iwan Lewis 
Adam J Maynard 
Neil McNally 
Ryan Mosley 
Holly Slingsby 
Jordan Taylor 
Ross Taylor 
Bea Turner 
Hanna Umin 
Jack Vickridge 
Max Wade 
Madalina Zaharia

Mrs Patterson's Press
Softcover, 128pp
Edition of 500
200 x 285 mm 

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