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Moru and Mugi, the Sumo Stable Cats

Two cats and Sumo wrestlers live happily together in the Arashio Sumo Stable in Nihonhamamachi, Tokyo.
Moru used to be a street cat in Fukuoka.
He is calm, but a strong minded cat.
Mugi was abandoned in front of the stable one day.
He is a home bird and never likes to go out from the Sumo wrestler's room. All members including the stable master and twelve Sumo wrestlers are featured on these pages.

The Arashio Sumo Stable was founded by Oyutaka (a former Komusubi wrestler) in, Nihonbashihamamachi, Tokyo in June 2002. Currently, twelve wrestlers, a Tokoyama (hairdresser), and a Gyoji (referee) belong to the stable.

In a sumo stable in Nihonbashi, Tokyo, two cats called Moru and Mugi live together with the sumo wrestlers. The life of the cat pair - nicknamed the world’s highest feline sumo experts - was photographed by Akita Ikeda, Kazuyuki Kawase and Yuko Ikenoya and turned into the book “Moru & Mugi”. Through the photos and their captions (in English and Japanese), the viewer is allowed a glimpse into the tough daily training of the wrestlers and their loving, warm relationship with the cats.

Softcover, 72pp
187 x 256 mm

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