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Mortal Remains - Anthony Turner


Mortal Remains is a new zine from hair stylist Anthony Turner, taking the radical youth culture of now as its subject. All the subjects in the images are either Insta-cast, or friends of Anthony's or photographer Sarah Piantadosi's.

Anthony says: 'The zine is a documentation of youth today... a full spectrum of individuals who represent themselves in the most honest way they can. The aim of Mortal Remains is to capture the essence of a radical movement in youth culture without reference to a time gone by. I wanted it to be about now!!! We are undergoing the biggest youth quake in decades when inclusivity is winning a very long and arduous battle and it’s these incredible kids that are  paving the way. These individuals range from non-binary to people of colour to transgender, gay , bi , pink, yellow, blue and green... I also wanted to represent young people who live through their subculture beliefs... everything from goths to cosplay to performance artists .... Mortal Remains is a blunt and honest look at beauty through the eye of the beholder, through the lens of a ferocious youth movement which is completely reshaping our social structure. It's subcultures, people of alternative lifestyles, as well as people from every spectrum of gender and sexual orientation.'

Limited edition zine produced in an edition of 666, hair by Anthony Turner, photography by Sarah Piantadosi, art direction by Frances Wilks

300mm x 380mm, 60 pages