Mizue みづゑ. No. 315. Mai 1931 - Koshiro Onchi

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ONCHI, Koshiro (design).
Mizue みづゑ. No. 315. Mai 1931.
Periodical (26 x 19cm), b&w and colour plates in illustrated wrappers. Shunchou-kai, 1931.

Mizue, an important quarterly review of fine art, was one of the longest lasting art magazines in Japan. Established in 1905 by painter Tojiro Oshita the periodical originally specialised in watercolour painting. The magazine sought to establish watercolour painting as an important media in its own right, moving it away from a hobbyist pastime and reviewing it in the company of painting more broadly. The cover graphics are by the important modernist designer Koshiro Onchi.

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